Michael Addison / jesuishench.com



The challenge.

Create images that match the gritty, raw, no nonsense brand attributes and values of Je Suis Hench and jesuishench.com; and show founder, Michael Addison’s training style.

The outcome.

Photographs that not only supported but enhanced jesuishench.com, giving users a clear feel of the brand as a no nonsense bodybuiding site, and Michael as a person.

See the website.


Mike Addison-11.jpg

Je Suis Hench.

Michael Addison, founder of fitness website jesuishench.com contacted us because he wanted photographs of himself in the gym to showcase his physique and different exercises in the workouts he shares with his website users.

Mike Addison-7.jpg

Core questions.

Before we began the project, we asked some core questions: “What is your brand culture?, Who are your users/target market?, What is your voice? Where will the photographs be used? And what is the goal of the photographs?”

Mike Addison-3.jpg

Efficient shoot.

The answers to these questions told us exactly how to shoot the images, what sort of composition to use, what type of lighting and what style of editing. The answers also allowed us to work efficiently and provide exactly what Michael wanted the first time.

Mike Addison-55.jpg

Don’t have all day.

Michael is also the Operations Manager at a security firm so he didn’t have much time in the day to spare. We provided some simple direction and the whole shoot was completed in an hour.