"Why do photographers..." - Responding to Google Autocomplete Queries

Google has been around so long it’s now like a synonym for the internet. Everyone knows how it works: you find a Google search bar, start typing a few letters and like magic Google’s autocomplete feature predicts the rest of your query. Google themselves say these predictions are based on other people’s real searches. So I thought it would be fun to answer some of the questions people are asking about photographers. There’s quite a few so I’ll keep my answers short and sweet; but if you’d like me to discuss a particular question in more detail then leave a comment and let me know! Let’s do it!

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Why are photographers…?

Why are photographers/photographers prints so expensive?

Sorry folks who ask this but the market dictates prices. Not just for photography but for everything. It always has and it always will. Photographers are “so expensive” simply because the market allows them to be.

Why are photographers so important/important to society?

Photographers are so important because of what happens after you work with them.

Family portrait photographers are so important because they essentially provide memories that will only increase in value as people change and move on. If you’re an actor, a decent headshot can be the difference between winning auditions and not. 

Commercial photographers are so important because they provide companies with engaging  photographs that are designed to catch people’s eyes and ultimately help sell the product. High quality, professional photographs of your products, premises and staff are a fantastic investment for any size business but particularly a small one, as those photos can be the difference between people buying their products or not.

Admit you start salivating when you see a photo of a Big Mac looking perfect, and you want one; even though you know you’re going to feel lethargic and have a stomach ache afterwards! 

Travel photographers are so important because they travel to every corner of the globe showing us what’s out there, and through their photography we can be inspired and often plan our own trips over months and years.

Why are photographers so arrogant/rude/pretentious?

If a photographer is rude then it’s probably because they were asked to work for free “for the exposure”. With arrogance and pretentiousness, unfortunately there is a certain unpleasant subset of photographers called ‘elitists’ whom display these traits and give the majority of us nice folk a bad name!

As a photographer, meeting an elitist is never fun. They typically consider only their own photography to be any good, and won’t even want to look at yours. And if they do happen to gaze upon your work they’ll dismiss it as poor, and inferior to their own. I’m no psychologist but I think the reason they behave like this is because they’re very insecure, delusional and have a superiority complex.

Why are photographers so weird?

I don’t know. Creative people can often be a bit odd.

Why are photographers allowed in court?

Photographers actually aren’t allowed in most courtrooms. I can’t list every country’s laws so I’ll just mention the 2 where most of my readers are from: the UK and the USA. In the US, Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 53 states, "The court must not permit the taking of photographs in the courtroom during judicial proceedings or the broadcasting of judicial proceedings from the courtroom.” In reality, some courtrooms allow cameras and some don’t. 

In the UK, per code 41 of the Criminal Justice Act of 1925, filming in English Courts is prohibited. However, the UK Supreme Court is not covered by that Act and has been recording and streaming live since it began operating in 2009. Cameras were also allowed into the English Court of Appeal for the first time in 2013.

Some argue that the public has the right to know the outcome of a trial, while others say that cameras have a psychological effects on witnesses, jurors, lawyers, and judges, and also interfere with the privacy of victims, witnesses and defendants.

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Why don’t photographers…?

Why don’t photographers give RAW files?

In my experience, when customers ask me for RAW files they don’t really understand what they are; and once I explain it to them they don’t want them! RAW files are essentially digital versions of old film negatives, and here’s a table to help you understand why photographers don’t give RAW files, and as customer you wouldn’t want them.


Unedited, contains all blemishes

Huge file sizes (my DSLR produces 75mb RAW files)

Can’t be opened without special software

Need a powerful computer to handle them

Can’t be uploaded to Facebook etc…



Small file sizes

Can be opened on any device

The cheapest computer can handle them

Can easily be uploaded to Facebook etc…

If you’d like to know more about what RAW is and why photographers use it, leave a comment and if I get enough I’ll address it another blog.

Why don’t photographers sell digital files?

We do.

Why don’t photographers post prices?

Some photographers may choose to not post their prices on their website because shoots are so varied and everyone wants something different so they they prefer to discuss it with customers on the phone after finding out exactly what they want. I however, post my prices, you can find them here.

Why don’t photographers help?

Um… ???

Why don’t photographers send all the pictures?

Any pictures not sent are probably very similar to others.

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Why do photographers…?

Why do photographers use the rule of thirds?

The rule of thirds is a technique that photographers use to compose their photographs. It works by dividing the scene up into thirds, and we use it because it helps us create balanced, pleasing images. I explain all about the rule of thirds and why it works in my photography course Portraits Like a Pro, which is currently available for just $3 on Patreon!

Why do photographers use umbrellas?

We use umbrellas to soften light, so we can avoid harsh light which creates unflattering shadows.

Why do photographers take pictures?

I can’t speak for other photographers but I take pictures because I love the process of finding the best light, the best composition, the best camera settings. It’s like a puzzle; and when you solve it it’s so satisfying. I also love history and pictures are a great window to the past.

Why do photographers use red light in a darkroom?

Back in the days of orthochromatic film, photographers could use a red light in the darkroom to see that they were doing because the film was only sensitive to green and blue light. Modern panchromatic film is sensitive to all colours of light so it has to be developed in complete darkness.

Why do photographers use framing?

Framing is another term for composition. It refers to how everything in a picture is arranged or ‘framed/composed’. The difference between a good photo and a bad one is often how it is framed so it’s very important to know how to properly frame a photograph.

Why do photographers use double exposure?

Because it looks really cool!

Why do photographers wear hats?

Because it’s cold! It’s actually not convenient to wear a hat with a peak when shooting because if you want to shoot in portrait you knock the peak with your hand.

Why do photographers use Macs?

Macs offer a great all in one package. All Macs bar 2 (the Mac Mini and Mac Pro) come with built in screens which are high quality and properly calibrated for accurate colours. Macs also come with built in software like Pages and Numbers we can use for admin tasks, and they’re capable of handling many types of files including RAW files and those used by PCs like Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. They also look cool on a desk.

And there you have it. I think some of these Google queries provided some interesting information and others were just a little strange. If you enjoyed this blog, please let me know by giving it a ‘like’ and leave a comment if you have any questions relating to something I mentioned in this post.

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