Photography comparison: iPhone vs pro DSLR

One is a €2,000 beast with a €1,600 lens mounted to it; the other is a discontinued mobile phone: so which do you think takes the better photographs?

Well, there are no rules to say that a certain camera will produce a certain result; and over the past 2 weeks I’ve been taking photographs with both my iPhone SE and Nikon D610, not to test the cameras and see which is better; but to test myself and see what I can do as a photographer.

So enjoy the photographs and let’s get to the comparison!

Both sets of photos look great, don’t they? I mean, you expect the professional-grade Nikon’s to look amazing; but did you expect this quality from an old iPhone? I certainly didn’t! Can you even tell which is which?

Although I’m not testing the cameras, for these first 12 photographs I did try to take virtually the same image; just out of curiosity really.

And as you can see, the iPhone is right there with the Nikon. I’m really curious if someone with no photographic knowledge or experience could tell the difference between the pictures. This is really something, especially when you consider the image sensor in the D610 is one of the top rated in the world.

I was really pleased with how I performed as a photographer during these last 2 weeks using the iPhone. What surprised me was how my iPhone photography improved dramatically when I stopped thinking of it as an inferior camera, and instead started really applying myself in order to take the best picture I possibly could.

I discovered that own thoughts towards the camera were holding me back; and the only thing stopping me from taking a good photograph was me.

So which won? The iPhone SE or the Nikon D610. The answer is: neither, it doesn’t matter and it never did. I won because I applied myself and I became a better version of myself today than I was before, and you can be too. You can take amazing photographs with whichever camera you own. If you’re not satisfied with your photography, the camera isn’t holding you back; you are! Learn and practice as much as you can, put 100% into your photography, and you’ll see a huge improvement.

I also made a video called: “How to make people think you have an expensive camera”, where I show you exactly how to take photos with an iPhone that are so good people will think they were taken with a high end, expensive DSLR.

Thank you for reading, and to finish I want to share some of my favourite photographs I’ve created with both cameras. Enjoy!

iPhone favourites

DSLR favourites